Day 2: 1 Hour

So, it’s day 2 of trying to get Einstein used to being in his kennel and it isn’t going much better. He scratched me again going in, but didn’t freak out as much this time. I put a towel down this time for scent and comfort, which helped a lot. He fought a little bit, tore the food dishes completely off. *Sigh* Looks like he may just have to fast if he keeps this up…So I opened the front door a crack (it has a front and top load door) and took them out without letting Einstein out. As soon as I straightened the towel and closed the door back up, he takes a good pee.

God damn it. Ok, fine. Have it your way. You’re just going to have to deal with it. I’ve already committed to a plan. I’m going to increase the time by 1/2 hour each day every day till the trip. No matter how much he meows, or in this case pees. It was done on the towel which can be scratched and moved out of the way. It might happen on the trip. So he’s still in there right now and will be for another 40 minutes.

I guess on the plus side, he is much calmer. Just whiney and not happy to be in with the dirty towel. Occasionally he keeps scratching at it trying to bury it. I think tomorrow I am going to keep the dishes out. Maybe I’ll put some food and water in them so they start to smell like the dishes they are and not just part of the cage. I got them brand new with the Kennel.

Till next time. Hopefully with better results.

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