Day 4: 2 Hours

Einstein is doing much better today. He’s been in the kennel for about 20 minutes now and is pretty much settled in. Very rarely meowing and laying down on the towel in there. Looks like he might just sleep through this one, which isn’t a bad thing at all considering how long the trip will be for him. Though he was already sleepy kitty before I put him in the kennel. he was visiting me on the couch for snuggle time all morning. I’ve also been putting food and water in the little dishes. he’s a little wary to go eat from them at first due to my keeping it in proximity to the kennel, but he nibbles frequently.


He seems to be catching on that he won’t be stuck in there forever and isn’t really freaking out anymore like the first night. I was actually able to put him in there smoothly and through the walk in front door, which was a first. It makes me feel a lot better leaving him in there when he’s calm like this. I ended up going out to lunch with a friend and leaving him alone for just over his 2 hour allotment

Aside from trying to train a cat I’m getting excited for the move. Well, more excited. I’m watching Tangled and it always makes me want to see something like that. So gorgeous. I’ve always had a love for lighting. But glowing paper lanterns are something new and a little mysterious. The fact that a small heat source from a candle can lift a paper enclosure up into the air. I remember making paper balloons from tissue paper, and it took a lot of heat to fly them, sifting up from this funnel tube. Korea has a lantern festival, and I am so excited that it falls during my stay and I am going to go.

The annual Lotus Lantern Festival, held in honor of Buddha’s birthday will be held from May 18 to May 20, 2012.

According to Buddhist beliefs, the lighting of a lotus-shaped lantern symbolizes a devotion to performing good deeds and brings light to the dark parts of the world that are filled with agony. The lantern-lighting practice was developed throughout the Goryeo and Joseon dynasties and has been preserved through events such as the lotus lantern service and the lotus lantern parade.

The lighting ceremony is held in Seoul Plaza (in front of City Hall) on the evening of May 7th, but the festival will not officially kick off until May 20th, with the traditional lantern exhibition at Bongeunsa Temple. On May 19th, the spectacular lantern parade will take place, featuring more than 100,000 massive illuminated lanterns. Crafted from materials such as silk and hanji, traditional Buddhist lanterns take the forms of fruits, animals, and more. The shapes and sophisticated patterns of each lantern symbolize different meanings, such as wishes for health, longevity, or a bountiful harvest.

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