Day 6: 3 Hours

Things are approaching that inconvenient stage with Einstein’s training. The problem is that I like to sleep in a little bit since I work evenings and stay up till about 2 lately. I still want him to be able to go out, roam and stretch after a night of sleeping next to me, and use the bathroom before I lock him in the kennel. Which means that his allotted time is spanning into the work schedule. Today I put him in when I left for work and had my mom come over to let him out when he was done. This will probably have to become a regular occurrence unless I start kenneling him overnight…for some reason that makes me feel worse about it. Even though that’s sleepy time for him. He always follows me in for bed, or comes to get me when he thinks it’s time for bed on nights like this where I’m up late. I like our snuggle times. He’s not an overbearingly affectionate cat, but he definitely lets you know he loves you.

I also did the math and found that my plan is a bit overzealous. He will reach 13 1/2  hours on September 11 which would cover the flight plus an hour extra on each end.  That is 13 days before his flight. Perhaps I’ll increase it slower. Or maybe just kennel him every other day for those really long stretches. Or keep him kenneled just for the 8 or 9 hours I’m away at work until the flight. I don’t know. Those are going to be the hard days for me. It’s such a long time to be kenneled up without having much space to move around and stretch it out. Not to mention bathroom breaks. It seems like it would be harmful to him, that doesn’t give him much time to roam and be active. In the end, will it do him any good. At some point will it become redundant. 8 hours. 13 hours. Is it such a big difference when you are napping?

He seems to be handling it pretty well, I think he’ll be ok with an increase the day of for the trip. I wasn’t around today to see how things went but my mom said he was sleeping when she came in to let him out. His food was also spilled all inside. Not sure if he pulled it off trying to get at the bit in the bottom or if he was frustrated. But I guess the water was fine, which is the important one. She also dropped off the soft kennel my Aunt had so I took the bedding from that to use for the hard case. It was a bit big and too square for the case so I traced the shape and cut out 2 sheets of cardboard to use instead of the thin plywood base. The bedding unzips along one edge for cleaning and has a thin foam pad as well to add extra padding above the plywood. Super easy to change over. It’s also pretty cushy.

And I was glad to see this happening a little bit ago:

He didn’t actually step in it at all, but he did go investigate of his own accord.

Tomorrow my grandparents need to be dropped off at the airport for their vacation and I am thinking I will take him with me for the trip. That way he get used to some travel and I can go in and weigh him with the cage to determine what I will actually be paying for his flight. Guess that’s one benefit of working at an airport, I know a bunch of people and can use them for my little needs.

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