Moving Along

Einstein has been off the hook for the past few days. I haven’t been feeling too well and I have been questioning how healthy it is for him to be confined for so long. The trip will be a rare occurrence, so he can endure the long span. He won’t be happy about it. And he’ll need a big stretch and activity when he gets out. But he’ll make it there ok. I think instead I am going to keep him on shorter stretches of time every day. Just getting him used to going in the kennel. As such I probably won’t be updating daily about his progress. I’ll just keep it to any new developments or tips.

Aside from that I have been sorting through my house and continuing to pack and get things ready for the move. I’m looking into storage units now, but need to first decide what big items I will keep. The bed. Bookcase. Dressers? I think I will sell the couches. Kitchen table? That thing was a pain to find at a reasonable price. If I don’t keep too much furniture I think one of the smaller size storage units will be fine, and much easier on the wallet.

Right now I’m not that busy. But I have a feeling next month is going to fly by. I have an appointment or deadline every week until the flight. Plus work. I just want to stay ahead of things so I don’t get too stressed.

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