Videos & Latte Art

With less than a month to go before my flight I am getting more and more excited and anxious to be on my way. I came across a great video today that made me smile and sparked this post.


I’m ready to go. Ready to explore the country and make my own memories. Ready to take my own photos. Ready to be back with John. I miss him.

Next tuesday I put in my 2 week notice. They aren’t going to be happy, we are short staffed right now and they will probably beg me to stay because I do so much for them (without any form of compensation. Just because it is stuff that needs to be done.) But that is one of the main reasons I chose to move to South Korea. There was nothing for me here in Sacramento and at this job. I was passed up twice for promotion. I pick up a bunch of slack when people get fired or just call in. I train new people. I do inventory every Tuesday. All on a minimum wage $8/hr. I will miss some of the people though. I like my coworkers, they are a fun bunch. And I like Old Soul. They have expanded my knowledge, skills, and love of coffee. Without this job I might not have learned latte art, which is a perfect melding of my creative skills and love of coffee. I’ve been able to do some pretty cool stuff, creating some of my own designs.

Latte Art Images © Cassie Resendez

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One thought on “Videos & Latte Art

  1. I’m so excited for you, sweetie! I watched the old man video. It was nice to see some rural landscape, all I’ve ever seen before is the city scenes. :) it looks really beautiful… I’m going to miss having you here, but I know you miss John and need to explore on your own and I’m proud that you are brave enough and able enough to do it! I love you. See you tomorrow :)

    -Laura R.

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