A Happy Union

Last night two people of immense devotion, integrity, pride, passion and beauty were wed together. My friends Kevin & Carla Powers. I am so happy for them and wish them nothing but happiness as they move forward in time sharing countless memories together. I know they will be a couple that lasts.

The wedding was at the beautiful Vizcaya Mansion in Downtown Sacramento. It was simple, refined and elegant. Very fitting for the happy couple. They were going for a more traditional wedding. The perimeter was a gorgeous walk through gardens and trees with a brick walkway. Carla looked stunning and I later found out that she was wearing her mothers wedding dress. It fit her very nicely with this beautiful lace work around the neck line. It would have been better to push the time back an hour or s0 to give the sun time to set a bit more, shading the whole courtyard. And I felt like the pastor dragged on at an awkward moment, offering stories and advice after their reciting the vows and before the kiss.

It was a fall themed wedding and their centerpieces were beautiful. Red lotus flowers floating next to lit candles atop river rocks. The circular mirror base tied it all together. I was also impressed with the wedding favors. They had custom wrapped Hershey’s chocolate bars. As a designer it made me wonder about the production costs and how customizable the wrapper is. It’s certainly something I could see myself and many others using. I looked it up earlier and it’s not horribly pricy. You have a choice between buying Mini’s ($.65 ea.) or Regular ($2.49 ea.) Hershey’s bars. And then again between just the wrappers, for those DIY people, or having them wrapped for you. You can go to their website for more information.

Of course no wedding goes 100% according to plan. But, we all know that’s what makes the day even more special and memorable. Such as the father of the bride’s speech in which he repeatedly referred to the groom, Kevin,  as Matthew, her brother. And let us not forget about his praising his daughter for accepting and opening her heart to all the gays, lesbians, and homosexuals…And the great state of Texas.

And sadly, after all the effort put into creating this wedding gift poster, I forgot it at home and wasn’t able to give it to them. Ah well. They will get it another day. I am proud of it. Image done in Photoshop, typography in Illustrator. I wanted to find a quote that went beyond the typical and cheesy. I think this quote from Janos Arany is appropriate for the couple.

It was so much fun to dance the night away with my best friend and celebrate with many others. It conveniently offered the time to say goodbye to many I won’t get to see before I depart for Korea. I had a lot of fun even though I am getting sick. The open bar was put to good use at times when I was feeling lonely without John here to dance with like all the other couples. Or those downer moments when my best friend and I realize we won’t have much more time to visit for a whole year.

A USDA Certified Cat

This morning I had to wake up to take Einstein in for his last Vet visit. It went well. He is cleared health-wise to travel. Though I should mention that the doctors don’t know any of the details for pet travel. We sat down to talk things over and see if I had any concerns or worries regarding my pets health. He was also frank in stating that Veterinarians are not taught at all in school what to do, or what is necessary, for international pet travel. That is a requirement for the owner to know. So it’s a good thing I took it upon myself and thoroughly looked into it. I was hoping for a confirmation that I got everything done from a checklist, but that wasn’t possible. I’m fairly certain I got everything together, but it still worries me. He was very helpful in what he was able to do. I was given 2 original copies, and 1 photo copy for my records without asking for extras. That puts me at ease. I will be able to mail one to John in Korea, who will be picking Einstein up from Inchon Airport. The other I can put with the paperwork traveling with Einstein.

Now I just need to mail them off to the local USDA department to have them certified.

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