Review: Coffee Mall

Coffee Mall is located off the main strip just down one of the side alleys. Go down to the orange Centro and it’s 4 shops down on the right. It’s a warm cheerful place with rustic decorations. Photos hanging on a line with clothes pins, wood tables, recycled coffee rucksacks made into place mats. In the corner is a brass plaited coffee roaster, so right away you know they will have good fresh coffee.

IMG_3119Their menu is more extended than several places I’ve seen in the area. Hand drip coffees for 5,000-13,000 won depending on the quality of the bean. Classic teas such as Darjeeling, Earl Gray, and Aasam for 4,500-5,500 won. Traditional espresso drinks for 3,000-6,000 won. Specialty drinks such as Affogato (a delicious concoction, usually a scoop of vanilla ice cream or gelato with a shot of espresso poured over top), frappuccinos, white chocolate, green tea lattes, chai tea lattes, sweet potato latte, and smoothies for 4,000-6,000 won. And keeping up with current trends they also offer waffles for 2,000 won (+ 2,000 won if you want it topped with ice cream or fruit) and other pastries.

I had the chai tea latte today for 3,500 won. It was good and their skill was demonstrated with a bubbly Rosetta on top. I think they use a powdered chai mix, similar to matcha, because the latte was very thick and rich with that similar after taste. The foam was deliciously thick and creamy. Though the bottom was a little powdery and strong, confirming the above suspicion. Overall very good. It was a nice treat to enjoy while I warm up from the rainy weather outside. And I’m sure I’ll be back for more. They are much closer than my usual place.



To Get There:

Head down the main strip 0.29 Km to where the orange Centro building is, take a right, Coffee Mall is the 4th store down on the right.

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