Brunch in Songtan

One thing that is considerably lacking here at Songtan is a good breakfast or brunch place. I love breakfast food. Could eat it any time of day.

For the most part you have to go on base to get a good brunch. The Officer’s Club has a Sunday Brunch Buffett, but in my opinion it’s overpriced for the quality. They have something for everyone though. Fresh fruit, pastries, cereal, sausage bacon and ham slices, potatoes, waffles, and an omelet bar. Checkertails also serves breakfast in the mornings. That’s going to be more of a diner experience sitting and ordering off a menu.

Off base traditional American breakfasts are a growing trend in the major cities such as Seoul, but they have just barely trickled down to smaller towns like Songtan. Even with the large military population you are hard pressed to find anything like what we are used to. There are plenty of coffe shops around. But Koreans don’t have anything like breakfast food. They cook the same thing for all meals, and for me, it’s not very appetizing at all first thing in the morning. Rice is served at every meal along with other sides like Fish Head Soup, Kimchi, or maybe some Galbi or vegetables.

honey butter breadLuckily the traditional American breakfast has started to creep into local areas. It started with the coffee scene, which has taken off and flourished. There are a million small roasters and cafes to visit that will get you your specialty coffee as well as a plain brew. Then came the snacks and pastries, and with them a growing love for waffles in the Korean Culture. I think Koreans see them as a desert item or treat. If you find them in a cafe they are usually small, pre made, and topped with ice cream or whipped cream. There is also Honey Butter Bread, or something similarly named. It’s delicious and one of my favorite things to have if you can find a place. Normally it’s just in chain coffee shops. The dish is filling and similar to french toast. Thickly sliced bread cut into bite size cubes, topped with caramel, cinnamon, and whipped cream.

This is the place I really want to introduce to people staying in Songtan. It prompted this whole post actually. The place is called Heavenly Bread Co., located OFF BASE just down the street from Club Volume.

banana nut swiss rolls

Banana Walnut Swiss Rolls from Heavenly Bread Co. 3,500 Won for 4 rolls.

It’s a pleasent place on the ground floor with open space and widows all along the front to let in plenty of natural light. You can stop in for a snack, selecting one of the fresh baked goodes or you can take a seat and order something off their menu. The music was nice, not the usual 90’s music and remixes. They are also open pretty late, which is nice. I recently tried them and got hooked on their waffles. I am a picky person when it comes to waffles. But these ones were thick, fluffy and fresh made.

You can get fresh fruit with whipped cream, or you cen get them topped with ice cream for only 9,000 Won. Aparently they don’t have any syrup, so that’s the only down side if you are a fan of traditional waffles. We also tried a few other things. The oreo milkshake was amazing. So smooth and creamy and they didn’t skimp out on the oreo. Those banana nut bread rolls pictured above were filling and a good semi sweet, not terrible for you snack. The chocolate mouse cake was VERY rich, almost too chocolaty. They also serve coffee, teas, and sodas. The lunch and dinner entrées are a little more expensive, but also come with you choice of soda. I tried the Rose Pasta, which was pretty good. It’s mostly cream sauce with a bit of tomato mixed in and your choice of shrimp, chicken, or veggies. Had a few pieces of broccoli mixed in.

If I had my nails done regularly I would stop in for a bite then head upstairs to the nice nail salon on the second floor. Perhaps I’ll treat myself and go anyway. Apparently they also give facial and pedicures there in massage chairs.

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    Finally a decent review of exactly what i was looking for.

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