Junco Norebong

Last night was the birthday of one of my local Korean friends. As such we ventured off the main strip into the surrounding area to celebrate, following our friend wherever she wanted to go.

tunaWe started at this Kaiten-sushi restaurant. I didn’t catch the name, she told the taxi where to go and they drove right to the door. It’s a good thing the restaurant used the conveyor belt, otherwise I would have had no idea what to order. Everything was in Korean on the menu with no pictures. Even
kiwiJohn was lost on some. The quality was very good, they had various cuts of fish. Some the standard, others the high quality fatty cuts that melt in your mouth. I stuck with the more traditional sashimi for the most part. Others I had no idea what was in it. Along with my favorites like Salmon, Tuna, and Ebi tempuraand Unagi they also had sardines, Octopus, Tacoyaki, a crab roll with kiwi sauce and flying fish roe topped with an almond shaving (tried it and it was interesting, sweet),  grilled cheese stuffed prawns and muscles, and others I couldn’t decipher. My favorite one ended up being a grilled shrimp ebiwith unagi sauce topped with a salmon egg. It was still very fresh, but had a good combination of flavors. Only saw one of these the whole night though which was sad.

After we were full of sushi we went across the street to a bar and had some drinks in preparation for singing karaoke. I didn’t much care for the place. It smelled and mainly served beer. Had a good selection of beers though, both imported and domestic. Everything is bottled though, self serve from a wall of fridges. I found myself a bottle of Vodka Cranberry and an Apple Cocktail similar to a Smirnoff.

JuncojuncThe norebong we went to was in the same building, just down the way and in the basement.  It’s called Junco and is located near City Hall in Songtan. It’s kind of hard to find from the sign alone. It’s that top black one with the green sun shape. Just go through the doors and downstairs. I’ve been here a few times now and it’s a nice place. You rent your own small room with a table and bench seating all the way around it. On the wall is the TV and amenities such as water, silverware, and the microphones. The room rental isn’t much, only like 10,000 won, however you also have to order drinks or food and those are more expensive. Every time I’ve gone it’s turned out being about 100,000 won with us getting a sampler of like 3 or 4 appetizers, a couple pitchers of beet, and maybe some soju or other drink. They speak a little english, but it’s definitely easier if you have someone that can speak Korean with you.

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