Video Editing

Anyeong-haseo! So I’ve been taking and collecting photos and video the whole time I’ve been here. Not only to capture memories and share great sights with friends and family that couldn’t be here, but also with the intent of turning it into a short video. Something to keep for myself to look back and remember. Something to share with others when they ask what living here was like. And also so I can learn some videography.

As you will see, I’m not a pro. I have the eye and ideas, but my ability to capture that is lost. Most of it was filmed while I was walking or moving, so it is pretty jumpy. But I like it none the less because I was there. I did this.

So,  I hope you enjoy the video. It’s still a work in progress, there’s a lot I haven’t added and so much more I didn’t film or haven’t done yet here in Korea!

IMG_3736Songtan at night from my apartment.



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2 thoughts on “Video Editing

  1. I’m here now visiting my son who is US Air force personnel. Although he has taken several days of leave to show me around he has to get back to work, so basically I’m on my own. Your reviews are precise and Informative thank you for taking the time and sharing. Signed Mom visiting from U.S.

    • It’s been several years since I left, so hopefully the information is still somewhat useful. I definitely recommend visiting the temples, Suwon had one of the best ones I visited and it’s a short ride down the metro.

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