This is a blog about     my travels and experiences as they happen.

I’m about to move overseas for the first time…without knowing the native language.

I’m nervous. Excited. Ready.

We’ll see how long it takes to find my Gangnam Style!



What I’m Reading:

Untitled-2Carol Berg is the author of the epic fantasy I am currently reading:The Books of the Rai-kirah, as well as other captivating series such as: The Bridge of D’Arnath Quartet, the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award winning Lighthouse Duet, the standalone novel Song of the Beast, and the three novels of the Collegia Magica.

I have been on a Carol Berg binge since my boyfriend insisted I give her other series a try, and he didn’t lead me astray. I have nearly completed that list above. I would recommend starting with The Lighthouse Duet or Song of the Beast first. They are short and offer every tantalizing promise of twisting plots, mythic fantasy, and gritty struggles – both mental and physical – in a war wracked world that seem to define Bergs writing style.

The Lighthouse Duet takes place in a deliciously complex world. A civil war raged in a kingdom suffering a disastrous decline in the weather. Magic is confined to a group of wealthy families, known as purebloods, who provide their services to cities, nobles, clergy, or whomever else could afford to pay for them. To nurture and preserve their magic, purebloods kept themselves detached from ordinary society and politics. The main character of this plot, Valen, abhors and sheds every aspect of that life, but cannot escape being woven into events circling his family and their legacy. Addicted to an enchantment that turns pain into pleasure, and bound by oaths he refuses to abandon, Valen risks body and soul to rescue one child, seek justice for another, and bring the dying land its rightful king.

Song of the Beast is a stand alone fantasy novel. We have Carol Bergs typical brave-despite-adversity hero, this time named Aidan MacAllister. The book is action packed, filled with dragons and intrigue, set in a complex world of war and conflict. Carol Berg has a knack for writing dark, bitter fantasy. She takes the traditional motif of dragons and dragon riders, and gives it an utterly warped history. Characters you think are decent turn out to have appalling hidden agendas. Characters you think are unbearable sneak back and save the day when nobody’s looking. I didn’t particularly like the very end, though she tied up the loose ends enough to leave you satisfied with it as a stand alone book.

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